PADI Professional Instructor Internship

This programme is currently on hold until further notice.

Please check the IDC or Instructor Apprenticeship options.

Take part in the PADI Instructor Development Course and spend three months building your experience in our operation.

Pacific Divers professional development programme produces dive professionals that are ready to work in the industry. Our graduates have gone on to manage dive resorts, work on live aboards, conduct commercial diving, captain boats and so on.


What you give to us.

Your time, energy and expertise.

What you receive from us.

Operational experience in the dive shop, dive vessel, selling diving, equipment maintenance, tank filling, client interations, delivering PADI courses, AND you PADI IDC and EFRI fees covered.*

Prerequisite qualifications are PADI Divemaster or equivalent certification suitable for acceptance on an IDC.

You will come in and complete your IDC and IE with Pacific Divers then go on to gain experience over the following 3 months.

You are welcome to arrive up to 1 week prior to the start date for the IDC to become familiar with the island and the team.

IDC dates are listed on the IDC page here

Throughout the internship you will apply what you have learned in your IDC and IE, working under the guidance of our instructing team to build your experience as a PADI instructor.You will work alongside instructors and independently on some activities. You will have specific tasks related to the operation of the business. These include;

Assisting in the conduct of dive excursions

At Pacific Divers we use instructors as dive guides and we lead in the water. When groups get large, or the experience level across the group varies widely you will have a role assisting the instructor on the excursions.

Conducting try dives at hotel pools

We run daily try dives at various hotels around the island. A key part of your role will be conducting these try dives and selling discover scuba diving programmes. This is a core part of our business, and because of this you must be professional and tidy in your appearance, and have a good understanding of PADI programmes.

Acting as a role model to Divemaster Apprentices and Interns

We run a successful divemaster training programme as part of our professional diver training school. You will have a key role acting as a role model for people taking part in these programmes and may be called upon to assist in their training.

Conducting boat duty

Our dive trips are run by our professional instructing team. Part of their role is to captain the dive boat. We also have another team member on each trip filling the role of boat person. Responsibilities include assisting in all logistical aspects of the dive excursion, assisting divers in gearing up and entering and exiting the water, providing a safety over watch from the vessel while the divers are down and learning to operate the dive vessel.

Conducting PADI courses

As a newly qualified PADI instructor you will be guided through the delivery of the key PADI programmes of Discover Scuba Diving and the Open Water Diver course. You may also get experience conducting specialty training, depending on what specialty ratings you gain during the IDC.

As a member of the professional team you will also be responsible for selling in the shop, interacting with clients, cleaning and maintaining the premises and other general duties of the business.

Your time commitment to work is 8am to 5pm, 6 days a week. You will always get one full day off. Days may finish earlier depending on the work load and rostered position for that day.


The costs to you the participant are the PADI related costs of teh IDC and IE, and your personal expenses including accommodation. The IDC and IE costs can be found on the IDC Page

You can find your own local accommodation or you can rent space in a shared house we have for our team. The cost of a shared room is NZ$420 per month plus gas and power.

How to apply

To apply for the Professional Instructor Internship go to our booking page. We may contact you with some more questions regarding your application. Applications are competitive as we only accept 2 candidates for each programme.

Stay up to 6 months as a bonafide visitor in the Cook Islands

Upon arrival in the Cook Islands visitors of all nationalities are granted a 1 month entry permit. Upon application to the Department of Immigration bonafide visitors not seeking work can stay up to a maximum of 6 months. The fee for this extension is currently $120. You make this application once you are in the country, so there is no need to pre-apply. A requirement for entry as a visitor is proof of onwards travel, so you do need to have your ticket out of the Cook Islands booked before you come.

The professional internship does not include personal living costs, accommodation, PADI fees or materials. Professional Interns are expected to have their own dive computer, mask, fins, snorkel and exposure protection suitable for our water (24 DegC - 28 DegC).

*Does not include PADI related fees and manuals

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